Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's New for the 2009 Season?

All Maple Bats used at the pro level must have an ink dot on the handle. The dot bleeds in the direction of the grain allowing the straightness to be measured. The straighter the grain, the stronger the bat. The following Rawlings Wood Bats display the ink dot on the handle: P460M, P302M, 271MAP, 460MAP, 350FMAP, 155FMAP, 252JMAP. You can add your number to most of Rawlings Wood Bats for only $5. Select your wood bat and click Engrave it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Protect Your Melon! Rawlings S100 Helmet

The New York Times published an article on August 12, 2009, titled "New Batting Helmet Is Safer, but Players Hate Look." This article gives several view points from MLB players. Check out the New York Times article and take a look at the S100 Helmet from Rawlings.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Rawlings Gear Custom Shop Is Open - 4 Ways 2 Make It Yours!

Here at Rawlings Gear we want everybody to be an individual and we want our customers to feel the same way. That's why we offer 4 ways for you to customize your next Rawlings baseball glove.

1 - Rawlings Custom Glove Pro Shop
For those of you looking for the most options, you need not look further than the Rawlings Custom Glove Pro Shop. You can start with a blank Pro Preferred™ or Heart of the Hide® glove and customize until your heart is content. Anything from lace color, to shell and palm leather color and welting can be changed. Try out the Rawlings Custom Glove Pro Shop builder here.

2 - Rawlings Personalized Pro Program
If you're looking for not quite so many choices, but still want a true "Custom" look, this is the option for you. Pick an eligible glove for this program and you can add your name, change the lace color and add a flag. This option is available on select gloves in the: Primo, Pro Preferred™, Heart of the Hide®, Gold Glove® Limited and Gold Glove® Series. Start shopping for eligible gloves here.

3 - Custom Laser Engraving
If you're looking for that "Custom" look without the "Custom" price tag, then this is the choice for you. Select gloves are available for custom laser engraving done right here at Rawlings Gear. The turnaround is quick on these gloves so there is no need to wait 6-8 weeks like with the Custom Pro Shop and Personalized Pro gloves. Start shopping for eligible gloves here.

4 - Custom Nameplate
Our last option brings that "Custom" element and a splash of color. The Rawlings RCS Series has a set of tabs on the back side of the glove web that allows you to attach a Custom Nameplate.The glove comes stock with a black nameplate with the Rawlings® name, but for an additional charge you can order a custom nameplate in a variety of colors. This makes a great add-on to these gloves. Start shopping for eligible gloves here.